Rusalka, a water creature, has fallen in love with the seemingly unattainable prince. To find a place in his world and be close to him, she even gives up the power to speak and changes her shape. But can Rusalka live contrary to her nature? Can a love for which you have to deny your identity last?

Librettist Jaroslav Kvapil used various fairy tales and myths as a source for his psychological and symbolist text. Antonín Dvořák’s opulent and dazzling score, which turned out to be his first operatic success, is a true feat of composition whose complex subject matter is open to a wide range of interpretations. Kornél Mundruzcó, who recently staged the opera »Sleepless« by Peter Eötvös, which was awarded the Staatsoper »Premiere of the Year«, emphasises the relevance of the material today in his interpretation. The piece is a drama about a woman’s soul as well as a modern fairy tale that raises questions about identity and physicality.


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