Don Pasquale

Despite his age, rich Don Pasquale has decided to marry and disinherit its nephew Ernesto, who refuses to take for wife a widow his uncle proposes. Ernesto argues that it has given his word to Norina. The doctor Malatesta, Ernesto's friend and confidant, and Don Pasquale’s physician, aware of the old man’s desires, proposes to punish him and offers his sister Sofronia for wife, who lives in a convent. Don Pasquale, excited, accepts and gives the news to its surprised nephew. Malatesta proposes Norina to take Sofronia’s place, and pretend -with the help of a cousin of his as Notary- the wedding with the old man. This way, Malatesta presents “Sofronia” to Don Pasquale, and Norina opens a fan of weapon of seduction, presenting before him as modest and shy...


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