General Information

GenreOpera .  LanguageItalianYear of the Premiere1724Acts3


The story starts in 1402, when the Ottoman emperor Bajazet has been defeated by Tamerlano. Asteria, who’s in love with Andronico, allied to Tamerlano, expects to marry him and sign peace by doing so, leaving behind any animosity against her father. Nevertheless, Tamerlano captures Bajazet and takes Asteria as his fiancée, despite being already engaged with Irene of Trebizond, handling her over to the Greek Prince. Tamerlano, aware of Andrónico’s real feelings, slanders him in front of Asteria. However, with Irene’s help (in disguise) Andronico prepares his revenge against Tamerlano. Not knowing this, also Asteria and Bajazet prepare their own: they are willing to commit suicide, making Tamerlano drink the same poison with them. Irene stops the attempt, but Bajazet drinks anyway and dies poisoned before the Tatar Emperor, appealing to the tyrant’s benevolence. The Sultan’s suicide makes Tamerlano reconsider, he sets the condemned Asteria and the apathetic Andrónico free, and at the same time, he takes Irene in marriage. The opera ends with a bittersweet feeling, since the death of the ottoman is the means to Andronico and Asteria’s happiness. 



Emperor of the Tartars

Sultan of the Turks

Bajazets Daughter

Greek Prince

Princess of Trebizond, betrothed to Tamerlano

Friend Andronico and Tamerlano