Die schweigsame Frau

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GenreOpera .  LanguageGermanYear of the Premiere1935Acts3


Morosus, an old sea bear, has withdrawn to find rest in his house. Nothing in the world he hates as much as noise, even the gossip of his Housekeeper annoys him and he cannot put up with music. His barber suggests bringing a silent woman in the house. However, although Morosus would have with pleasure somebody around, he cannot decide. Unexpectedly his nephew comes for a visit. Morosus’ joy is clouded when he finds out that his nephew is now a tenor in an opera troop. He deshinherits Henry because he will not stop singing and throws him out of the house. He asks then the barber to procure for him a silent woman. The actors and the barber decide to trick the soon to get married old men. Aminta, Henry’s wife, should play the silent woman, and after the fake wedding make Morosus’ life a living hell. The Barber presents Morosus with three different “silent women”: Aminta as well as Carlotta and Isotta, all part of the same opera crew. Morosus chooses Aminta, since Carlotta and Isotta act silly and affectedly. Other members of the crew dressed up as priest and notary perform the wedding. Morosus is blissful. But as soon as the wedding is finish his silent woman turns out to be a true devil. She rumbles, nags, and challenges Morosus for the control of the house. Now Morosus is glad that Henry promises to calm his woman and to help him to get some rest. The next day a great activity goes on; singing teachers and pianist appear all around the house. The music never stops and dressed up actors disguised as workers give all kind of spectacles, until Morosus asks exhausted for a break. He promises half of his property to Aminta if she only leaves him and is glad, finally, to get rid of Aminta. He is even happy to know that Aminta is actually Henry’s wife, and gives his blessing to the marriage, just glad to get away from all that noise. 


Sir MorosusBass

Un admirante retirado

Su ama de llaves

Un barbero
Henry MorosusTenor

Sobrino del almirante

Esposa de Henry

Cantante de ópera

Cantante de ópera

Cantante de ópera

Cantante de ópera

Cantante de ópera


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