Don Pasquale

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GenreOpera . Opera BuffaLanguageItalianYear of the Premiere1843Acts3


Despite his age, rich Don Pasquale has decided to marry and disinherit its nephew Ernesto, who refuses to take for wife a widow his uncle proposes. Ernesto argues that it has given his word to Norina. The doctor Malatesta, Ernesto's friend and confidant, and Don Pasquale’s physician, aware of the old man’s desires, proposes to punish him and offers his sister Sofronia for wife, who lives in a convent. Don Pasquale, excited, accepts and gives the news to its surprised nephew. Malatesta proposes Norina to take Sofronia’s place, and pretend -with the help of a cousin of his as Notary- the wedding with the old man. This way, Malatesta presents “Sofronia” to Don Pasquale, and Norina opens a fan of weapon of seduction, presenting before him as modest and shy. Ernesto begins to say goodbye of its uncle, but when he sees Norina, he remains completely astonished and disappointed. Malatesta immediately asks Ernesto to trust him: Ernesto signs as a witness to “the wedding” of his uncle and his own fiancée, and immediately the farce continues. Norina goes from feigned shyness to arrogance and despotism, spending the money of the old man and giving implacable orders to Don Pasquale, and even threatening him. Don Pasquale regrets terribly having avoided the marriage of his nephew with Norina. This one drops "incidentally" a letter where she is summon by a supposed lover for that same night at the garden. Don Pasquale calls the doctor so that he helps him to get rid of his worrying wife. They ambush Sorfonia, but she denies everything. Don Pasquale loses all hope and Malatesta proposes the old man to let him take charge of the situation: Ernesto shall marry Norina with an annual pension. The old man accepts: anything if it will mean to get rid of Sofronia. There, at last, they reveal the trick played on him and although a little astonished, he soon accepts Norina and Ernesto´s marriage, after the hell he´s been put through.


Don PasqualeBass

viejo rico y solterón

joven viuda, enamorada de Ernesto 

sobrino de Don Pasquale
Dr. MalatestaBaritone

amigo de Don Pasquale y de Ernesto


cómplice de Malatesta