Il Barbiere di Siviglia

General Information

GenreOpera . Opera BuffaLanguageItalianYear of the Premiere1816Acts2


The Count of Almaviva has fallen in love with Rosina, a young woman who lives shut up in her house by Doctor Bártolo, her tutor, who tries to marry her for her dowry. To be able to approach her, the Count receives the help of Fígaro, the barber, who has free entry to Bártolo’s house, where it redeems multiple tasks. After a brief approach to Rosina, where the Count presents himself as “Lindoro“, a student (with the intention of having her fall in love with him, not his title), the Count does two attempts of approaching Rosina under the tutelage of the Barber: first as a Soldier and then as Don Alonso, a teacher of music ward of Don Basilio (the girl’s real teacher of music, and ally of Don Bartólo). On the second meeting, taking advantage of an oversight of Don Bártolo, they conceive Rosina's escape. Bártolo, nevertheless, hurries to tell Rosina that Lindoro only wants to deliver her in hands of Almaviva. Rosina, disappointed, believes at first don Bártolo’s words, and when Fígaro and the Count come back looking for her, she reproaches Lindoro his attitude, until he finally reveals that he and the Count are the same person. Don Basilio arrives with a notary brought for Rosina's wedding with Bártolo. Without any delay and with Don Basilio himself as a witness (bought by the Count of Almaviva), the Count and Rosina get marry. By the time don Bártolo arrives, after having even removed the stairs from the balcony to avoid the flight, the wedding is completed and he can only resign.



Conde de AlmavivaTenor

Nobleman in love with Rosina

Young orphan, Bartolo's pupil 
Don BártoloBaritone

Rosina's guardian
Don BasilioBass

Rosina's music teacher

Old governess in Bartolo's house

Almaviva's servant

Don Bartolo's servant