Luisa Fernanda

General Information

GenreZarzuela . Lyrical ComedyLanguageSpanishYear of the Premiere1932Acts3Scene4


Luisa Fernanda is a young tenant in Mariana’s guesthouse, where she lives with her father, Don Florito. Luisa Fernanda is in love with Javier Moreno, a young soldier who once was servant in the same guesthouse and who she considers her boyfriend, but who actually visits her less and less, especially since he has been promoted to Colonel. Mariana, who loves Luisa Fernanda as her own daughter, would like to see her pay more attention to Vidal Hernando, a rich extremaduran landed that courts her, but Luisa Fernanda is faithful to her heart. Javier arrives to visit Luisa Fernanda, but cannot find her. Instead, he finds Anibal, who is now working on the guesthouse in the same position he once had. Aníbal introduces him to Luis Nogales, a liberal ideologue of the revolution and another tenant in Mariana’s guesthouse. Nogales and Anibal approach Javier under the disturbing surveillance of the Duchess Carolina, who lives across the street from the guesthouse and is openly monarchist. Vidal learns from Aníbal that Javier might join the liberal party and declares himself monarchist, just to stand across the ideological street from his romantic rival. The Duchess addresses Javier then, and with her shameless charms brings him back to the monarchist party to Anibal’s astonishment, Nogales rage and specially, Luisa Fernanda’s disappointment. At that point, also Vidal decides to switch parties. During the San Antonio Dance, Javier and Carolina stroll brazenly. On Luisa Fernanda and Don Florito’s arrival, Mariana does not lose a minute to update the young girl. The Duchess now addresses Vidal unsuccessfully. Relentless, the Duchess decides to auction one of her dances “to gather more money for San Antonio’s”. The situation unleashes a small bidding war between Javier and Vidal, which Vidal wins. However, when it is time to dance Vidal gives away his price to Javier. The Colonel then replies challenging Vidal. Vidal leaves with Luisa Fernanda, but he promises to accept the challenge at some other time. The revolution bursts and even with the brave Vidal leading the liberal hosts, they are defeated. Javier intends to hold Vidal but Luis Nogales declares himself the leader of the insurgents and is arrest instead. Luisa Fernanda, who has saved Javier’s life during the riot, accepts Vidal’s proposal after seeing the soldier with the Duchess once again. Luisa Fernanda, Mariana, don Florito and Anibal move to Extremadura after a new revolution goes off. They all take shelter in Vidal’s farm. The Queen is depose and the Duchess has to flee to Portugal. Javier is lost in action during the Alcolea’s battle, but he reappears in Extremadura looking for Luisa Fernanda’s forgiveness. She insists on keeping her word to Vidal, but he rejects her when he realizes she is still in love with Javier.  


Luisa FernandaMezzo-sopranoSoprano

Javier Moreno's fiancee
Vidal HernandoBaritone

Extremaduran landed, Luisa's suitor 
Javier MorenoTenor

Colonel of the Army and Luisa's fiancé
Duquesa CarolinaSoprano

Royalist widow

Luis NogalesBass

liberal revolutionary 
Don FloritoSpoken

Luisa Fernanda's Father

Young servant in Mariana's guesthouse

Young seamstress 
Bizco PorrasSpoken

Boniface, Mariana's husband

Duchess servant