Teatro Romea

With more than 150 years of history, the Theater Romea is one of the most important cultural models of the city of Murcia. Located in the heart of the historical center, the building was constructed, in the second half of the XIXth century, in an effort to join to the scenic renewal, which was already taking place in the main Spanish cities, and with the target to lodge the theatrical representations that had a long tradition in the capital of the Region. 
Of neoclassic inspiration, the monumental front of the theater is characterized by an eclectic style; with modernist details as the marquee and the fences that adorn the entry. Three busts of big musicians head the top part of the facade: Beethoven, Mozart and Listz, emphasizing this way the character of this building dedicated to the promotion of the culture.
The theater, from its creation, has been through diverse rehabilitations, motivated by the fires suffered in the XIXth century. Between the most recent restorations stands out the one of 1985, in which the Theater Romea was pioneering in initiating a series of reforms that, later, were realized in most of the national theaters. 
Since then, the Theater Romea has maintained a stable schedule and has been one of the most important centers of the cultural activity in Murcia. After a temporary closing, the stage recovers its position again in the life of the Murcian society, with excellent technical and comfort conditions and that will allow to enjoy to the maximum all the possibilities that this historical stage offers.