Gennaro Antonio Federico

Gennaro Antonio Federico (probably borna t Naples in an unknown date, and dead in 1744, at Naples), is an Italian librettist and a lawyer. 
He was in activity as a librettist in Naples, writing comedies and librettos for sacred compositions, several operas buffa and intermezzos. During the time of his activity as librettist, the Neapolitan opera comique knew a deep mutation, from the utilization of dialect language (typical of commedia dell’arte) to the employ of a more refined language, closer to Italian.
Federico’s works that gain the biggest relevance are the libretto for Lo Frate’nnamorato (1732), and – more popular than any other- La serva Padrona (1733), both with Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s music. He gain great success also with the libretto for the opera buffa Amor voul sofferenza, with music of Leonardo Leo. He is widely considered, together with Francesco Antonio Tullio, as part of the greatest librettists of the Neapolitan School during the first half of the XVIII century.