The Truth About Love, a little less than fate

The Truth About Love, a little less than fate is a show formed by three song cycles. Each one of the performers has assigned one of these cycles (Schumann's Frauenliebe und Leven for the mezzo; Britten's Cabaret Songs for the soprano; Diary of a Young Poet, for the tenor), but they are crosswise and connected by its own dramaturgy. 
All singers stay on stage during the whole show while their characters search for pieces to reconstruct their own stories, struggling to understand where they are and why. In this non-lineal search all three song cycles and Rilke’s texts (which are part of Ebel’s cycle) are broken up, woven together and, occasionally, overlapped. The characters and their stories on The Truth About Love are not necessarily those originally envisioned by their composers, but they certainly share their conflicts and atmosphere. 
Every single note and text performed on the show belong to the song cycles and every single note and text from the song cycles are performed on the show. 
The Truth About Love is a show that feeds from the universes of three composers and three stories very dissimilar at first sight, and mutates that apparent disparity into the corner stone of a new universe, unique, with rules of time and space that are as unparalleled as suggestive. 


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