15th Anniversary as Opera Director

A day like today, 15 years ago, I was making my opera director debut with Rossini’s L’italianain Algeri, at the Margarita Xirgu’s Theatre in Buenos Aires. With an amazing, adventurous cast, a –very small- passionate crew, with literally no money what so ever, at the verge of a country collapsing and with a world still on shock.

Today I find myself full of memories and gratitude. Humbled by the dedication of so many people to a project mad in papers. My heart is filled with the memories of the rehearsal process and the performances, with Celina Torres (Isabella), Andres Balzanelli (Mustafá), Gabriel Centeno (Lindoro), Fernando Nuñez (Taddeo), Laura Martorell (Elvira), Laura Dominguez y Monica Sardi (Zulma) and Walter Schwarz (Haly). We had the privilege to have Anibal Ditarelli as conductor, with Hae Yeon Kim in the boards and Rosana Santoro preparing the chorus. Set and Costume Designs belong to Alejandro Guiggi, Paula García Brunelli (and her unforgettable hand of Isabella) was Assistant Director, Angela Boveri on Lights and a few people sitting in so many chairs for production, press and publicity, led by Graciela Petcoff, Hernán Suhilar and Gustavo Fernández.

Two words left to say: Thank you.

“(…) Celina Torres embodies an Isabella of big presence and character in the plenitude of her voice while Fernando Alvar Nuñez’s Taddeo brings a notable spark quota to the personage (…) The work of director José Darío Innella is interesting extracting original ideas form the libretto achieving scenes of good rhythm and maintaining dynamics (…)” Eduardo Casullo for Mundo Clásico)