Teatro Muncipal 1º de Mayo

The Theatre 1st of May is the most important theatre in Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz City, in Santa Fe Province, Argentina.  It depends on the Santa Fe Borough, and it’s situated on the pedestrian street San Martín, heart of the City’s commercial downtown, making it the soul of Santa Fe’s cultural life. 
The theatre arise as a municipal idea in the search of a building appropriated to carrie the theatrical tradition of the city. It was design by Architect Augusto Plou. Its construction began in 1903 and took 2 years to complete. The architectonical taste of the time is reflected in its Luis XV façade. A sculptural group by Nicolás Guilli, mounted on the building’s façade, which is an allegory to music and dance, represents one of the most significant details. At the same time, in the interior stands out a circular painting by Nazareno Orlandi. 
The building has three auditoriums, the biggest called “Sala Mayor” with a capacity for 800 people; the next, in terms of size, is the auditorium “Leopoldo Marechal”, with room for 250 people, while a third space is also used as a ballet rehearsal room.  In the building also operates the Theatre Museum, which openes before scheduled performances, usually with exhibitions complementing the productions. The building was refurbish in 2004, as preparations for the commemoration of the institution centenary, celebrated on May 25th 2005. Said refurbishment was awarded with the second price in the Ibero-American Cultural Preservation Competition.